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About Us

Sincerely, Ellis started as a small blog in early 2015. After a fun year of writing, learning, and growing... + a creative who craved more challenge and adventure, the Sincerely, Ellis online boutique was born. 
Kayla has a passion for all things modern and modest. In a world of forever changing things, she likes one thing constant, timeless fashion pieces. Sincerely, Ellis is forever in the business of empowering people & enjoying life's lovelies while doing so. In third quarter of 2017 we decided to bring our dreams to real life and opened a brick and mortar store in our hometown of Kansas City! We now own and operate two brick and mortar locations, while still continuing our online store.
Hi! I'm Kayla, and the gal behind the scenes of Sincerely, Ellis. I am hobbyist pilot, city scene lover, and an adventure chaser who doesn't stop dreaming for anything- or anyone. After discovering a love for lifestyle/fashion blogging, I decided to turn my dreams into a reality and open my first KC brick and mortar location! Our stores - Sincerely, Ellis - are named after a very special family member that we lost in 2016. We chose to honor his legacy by rebranding our stores.
Shopping small and shopping local are near and dear to my heart. My family business is so special to me, and every dollar you spend supports our dreams and allows us to give back to our community that we love so much. My husband, Jake, and I love to travel and spend time finding new things in our city! Together we own and operate Sincerely, Ellis + TayloredTees - our sister company specializing in the trendiest graphic tees! 
I hope that my style and dedication to empowering and inspiring other ladies to chase after their dreams, will help you see the true passion behind the clothing racks. Please enjoy my boutique & blog! xx