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4 Ways to * Jazz Up * an Outfit with a Kimono

4 Ways to * Jazz Up * an Outfit with a Kimono

4 Ways to Jazz up an Outfit with a Kimono

By: Annie Baldwin

With the weather warming up you’re probably thinking about all the things you can wear this Summer, right? During the Winter and Fall months it is super easy to add layers to your outfit to create a more exciting look. In the summer time you want to wear the least layers possible, with it still being an appropriate outfit of course. Don’t fret, I have the perfect solution to this problem. A kimono is the perfect layering piece to add to any look during warmer weather, without sweating to death. It is like the sister to a cardigan, but lighter weight and breathable. A kimono does not cling to you and is usually flowy. It is the perfect element to add to your basic outfits this summer and I am about to show you just how you can wear them!


1. I call this outfit “the perfect vacation look.” Wearing a kimono with a denim skirt is  girly and chic. Denim skirts are so in right now! This look is super versatile. It can be dressed up for a night out with wearing wedges or it can just be an outfit for a casual day out with sandals.

Items Shown:

Denim Skirt (in-store only) $26.98

Ivory Ruffle Top (in-store only) $26.98

Sage Floral Kimono online + in-store $28.98


2. This outfit quickly became one of my favorites as I was piecing it together. Wouldn’t it be perfect for a Fourth of July outfit? Hint, hint. Pairing a graphic tee with a kimono is quickly becoming more popular as the Summer season comes upon us. It is a go to when you don’t feel like putting too much thought into your outfit, but don’t want to look like a complete bum. I paired it with these flowy, fringe, chambray shorts. I added these white slides to wear with the look because they are more on the comfy casual side.

Items Shown:

Red Floral Kimono (online + in-store) $32.98

Beer Drinkin' Babe Tank (online + in-store) $10.00

Chambray Shorts (in store only) $26.98

Glory Slide (in store only) $24.98


3. When the weather is warmer one of the most difficult things for me to figure out is an appropriate outfit for brunch or church, while still staying cool. I’m sure some of you can relate to this problem. This outfit is the perfect amount of comfy, dressy, and appropriate all in one. I love adding a sun hat with my kimono outfits. I paired this one with a basic flowy dress and a gray tassel necklace to match the hat.

Items Shown:

Grey Hat  (online + in-store) $14.98

Garnet Swing Dress (online + in-store) $26.98

Mauve Floral Kimono (in-store only) $32.98

Oval Filigree Necklace (online + in-store) $12.98 (4 colors available)

Side Cut Booties (online + in-store) $36.98


4. Kimonos are a fabulous layering piece, so why not add more layering effect with a strappy bralette? I adore the trend of strappy and lace bralettes as a layering piece to any outfit. This look has just the right amount of layers. You can make this look a casual outfit with sandals or even a date night outfit with heels. Whatever you are going for, you will be sure to catch people’s attention wearing this.

Items Shown:

Olive Floral Kimono (online + in-store) $34.98

Basic Swing Dress (in-store only) $15.00

Strappy Bralette (online + in-store) $12.98


There are many ways to wear kimonos, but these are just a few of my favorites. You can find all of these outfits at Sincerely Ellis. Summer is right around the corner and I can’t wait to see people wearing kimonos. Remember it is all about thinking outside the box and being creative with trends if you want to have the best outfit. Don’t be afraid to try these looks out this Summer.

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